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Summer painting in Mikulov

 8. 7. - 14. 7. 2023

22. 7. - 28. 7. 2023

with instructors Katerina Rutherford and Aimee Zia Hasan

In this 6-day summer painting course, which takes place in the studio, on the terrace of the studio or on the Square if someone wants to paint outside the corners of the Renaissance town of Mikulov or Views from the terraces of the castle.

The Studio of the School of Seeing is located in the very center of the Square in the House of the Knights. It is a house protected by UNESCO and dates from 1571.

In this course, I have the opportunity to pay more attention to  still life, in which I explain the basic principles of color - valer, temperature, saturation, mass and air. This course is suitable for everyone regardless of age, talent and experience


The course is suitable for children from 12 years of age, as a preparation for talent and is also for adults and students. Beginners and advanced can apply, regardless of age or talent.


studio  of School of Seeing at Náměstí 24/27, in Mikulov (sgraffito renaissance house, entrance to the courtyard of the Pala café and up the stairs to the right to the porch.

Course price:

students up 18 / price with VAT 5800 CZK

adults / price with VAT 6500 CZK

I will reserve a seat for you upon receipt of payment to the account of Art WIne Mikulov, sro at Komerční banka

115-7604430257 / 0100 and please mark the payment with your name and the word summer malkurz.


Your material according to the recommendation or for a fee of CZK 200 / day

If you want to come lightly and not worry about anything, for the price of 1200 CZK you will get material in my course / oil paints, paint plates, brushes, turpentine and linseed oil, stand /.

Or my material and I recommend a list of these oil paints from the Czech company Umton - white zinc or titanium, Neapolitan yellow dark, ocher light, natural sienna, cadmium red medium, kraplak, cobalt dark, ultramarine, chromium oxide, cadmium yellow medium and cadmium yellow light .

Turpentine oil (I recommend without abrasion from MallZeit), flat brushes 8, 10, 12, you can also round 8 or 6


We paint from 9:00 - 16:30 / lunch break as needed, but in the studio there is a kitchen, so it is possible to make tea and coffee, refrigerator available.

In the morning from 9:00 - 10:00 a painting demo, where I show work with color, followed by painting according to a motif of your choice - still life, motif on or around the Square. We will paint in the vineyards for two days if weather permitting.

I have an individual approach to all of them. There is a limited number of students in the course, so I have space to pay attention to everyone during the day.

We will end the course with an Art Reception on Friday at the gallery of the house before studio.


I have reserved for you the whole Penziónek pod sv. kopečkem

There are 3 double rooms with private bathroom and 2 double rooms, which share a bathroom. The price is 450 CZK / alone in the room, for two / 400 CZK per person. Contact Alice Beková 606 710 487

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I also recommend Accommodation with the scent of lavender. Contact Ida Dobešová 602 894 509

katerina rutherford