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Painting class in plein air

Spring Palava 

18. 5. - 21. 5. 2022

Painting course with wine tasting in the plein air 

with instructor Katerina Rutherford

'Color in the rhythm of structures and textures in the open air in the middle of Pálava' 

Spring is when the vineyards undergo a great reawakening from their winter slumber and slowly head toward the next harvest. It is also a time when the vineyards require lots of manual work and attention, as the vines are pruned and adjusted to their new fruiting arms. This work will also determine the quality of the eventual wines. Of course, during the year Mother Nature has the ultimate say!

The composition of the vineyards now stands out perhaps the most, the structure of the rows in their length and density form rach individual vineyard. Each vineyard is unique due to its location, the hills and the sun.  Everything is combined to create colors and shapes, which we will try to put into order on the canvass. The character of the unique Palava landscape is always respected.

The local vineyards have also been a recent focal point of my paintings, in which I let myself be guided by the landscape. In my work, I go through a kind of personal decoding of the Pálava. We have our own vineyards, so I can physically touch this topic. Therefore, I have realized how the entire character of Palava vineyards is derived from a single vine that combines with others to form a canopy of color and life.

I now focus my courses on the strong colors found in the shapes of structures and textures. Awareness of certain principles can direct you to an abstract and simplification of your painting theme.

After having painted for three days in various places in the Pálava, you will begin to see.


Studio of the School of Seeing, Náměstí 24/27, Mikulov na Moravě

Course price:

                          with VAT 6,500 CZK / per adult (painting supplies with VAT 850 CZK are extra)

                          with VAT 5,250 CZK / per student (painting supplies with VAT 850 CZK are extra)

  • The above price includes transport to the location of the day and back, so you can taste our wines while painting.
  • During the course we will taste wines from our family winery and from select local winemakers. 
  • I will regularly accompany you with corrections throughout the day.
  • We will paint from 9:00 to 16:30 each day. Lunch breaks and related costs are up to each student. Sometimes is better to have lunch on the location for day, which is usuallz at a restaurant or cafe.
  • There will be an closing art reception at the end of the course on Saturday evening on the studio terrace = with wine.
  • In case of bad weather, we may paint at some local winery or in the studio. 

Material and supplies:

Each student can bring their own materials according to my recommendation or pay a fee of CZK 850 for the entire course (the price is per person and includes oil paints, brushes, turpentine, linseed oil, painting boards and a limited number of easels).

 If you prefer to travel light and not worry about anything, for the price of 850 CZK you will get material in my course. 

/ oil paints, paint plates, brushes, turpentine and linseed oil, easel /.

 I recommend a list of these oil paints from the czech company Umton - white zinc or titanium, Neapolitan yellow dark, ocher light, natural sienna, cadmium red medium, kraplak, cobalt dark, ultramarine, chromium oxide, cadmium yellow medium and cadmium yellow light

Turpentine oil (I recommend without abrasion from Mall Zeit), flat brushes 8, 10, 12, you can also round 8 or 6


I have reserved for students the whole Penziónek pod sv.kopečkem / very close to the Studio of School of Seeing

There are 3 double rooms with private bathroom and

2 double rooms, which share a bathroom. The price is 450 CZK / alone in the room, for two / 400 CZK per person.

Please contact the owner, Alice Beková, directly at 606 710 487


I also recommend Ubytování s vůní levandule / Contact Ida Dobešová 602 894 509.



We will start in studio on 18. 5. 2022 at 18:00, Náměstí 24/27 in the House of the Knights / entrance to the courtyard of Kafe Pala and up the stairs to the right. 

We will taste local wines, get to know each other and discuss the program and what anyone needs.

We will paint Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9:00 - 16:30. On Saturday at 18:00 there will be an closing reception on the porch of one of the oldest houses in Mikulov.

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