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Autumn in Pálava 

How to capture the essence of the landscape through colour?

Plein air painting in the middle of the Pálava with wine tasting 

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Mikulov (South Moravia, Břeclav District)

Mikulov is located in the middle of the Pálava protected nature area (UNESCO Lower Morava Biosphere Reserve) at the foot of the Pavlovské vrchy hills. Thanks to the unique climate subsoil, climate and limestone cliffs, grapevines also thrive here. The overall atmosphere of the surrounding villages and the town of Mikulov itself evokes the name Moravian Tuscany. Archaeological finds date back to the time of mammoth hunters and the monuments in the town of Mikulov have their roots in the 16th century. Mikulov is such a picturesque place, that my husband, Mark, our two daughters and I moved here. In my opinion, it is an ideal location to conduct plein air painting courses in the countryside, where I can pass on my rich experience alongside my husband, who tends to our old vines under the Holy Hill. We also make our own red and white wines.

More information about the course:

I focus the plein air courses on how to capture the essence of the landscape with colors. There is not a more suitable time than autumn in Pálava to find incredible colors. Grapes ripen, vine and fruit tree leaves turn yellow and red, and the grasses show brown hues. Autumn can not only be seen, but also felt and heard. Anyone who has attended my courses is aware that colors behave differently on glass, smooth surfaces, velvet or polyester fabric, as well on ceramics without glaze and on porcelain. Differently in light and in the shade, differently on roofs or trees in the foreground and otherwise in the distance ....... color, space, texture and air can all be expressed in color. We can also associate color with smell, taste and sounds ..... it is all part of the essence of the landscape, which we can expressed in color. To capture this it is important to have direct contact with nature, to be in nature, to paint in the open air.


The course starts October 19, 2022 at 18:00 in my studio located on the Mikulov Old Town Square (Náměstí 24/27), where we will introduce ourselves over a glass or two of good wine from our vineyards and made by my husband Mark. We will discuss the daily program, where we will be painting and other pertinent matters. The course ends with a vernissage once the class has concluded on October 22, 2022. Wine and finger food is provided.

On October 21, we are going to paint at the Old Quarry (now the local swimming hole) in Mikulov.

On October 22, we will be painting in Horní Věstonice or Pavlov. After the painting session, there will be an opening in the gallery of the School of Seeing in the House of the Knights at 18:00.

Every morning I have a half-hour to one-hour demo in front of a chosen theme. During the course I will continuously gently correct and guide everyone in their painting endeavors. During the painting course you will have the opportunity to taste wines made from the grapes grown in our family vineyards.

The price of the Autumn Pálava course with wine tasting is CZK 6,500. The price of the course includes sample demos of painting before the motif, proofing and guidance during painting, wine tasting during the course, transport to and from each location. opening There is a post class reception with wine, at which time we all review and discuss one anothers paintings.

Painting materials can be provided for the entire class at the cost of CZK 850 per person (includes oil paints, brushes, turpentine, linseed oil, painting boards and a limited number of easles).

In the studio you can buy separate painting boards at a price of CZK 40, 60, 80, 100, 140, 200 depending on the size and format.

Course price:

with VAT 5,500 CZK / adults

with VAT 4,500 CZK / students

(painting supplies with VAT 850 CZK)

Course reservations:

Your place in the class will be reserved after having received the full cost of the course on the account of Art Wine Mikulov, s.r.o. at Komerční banka (115-7604430257 / 0100). Please mark the payment with your name and the word Malkurz.

After payment on our account, I will send you a confirmation of payment.

If the course is canceled without a substitute 14 days before the course, we will refund half of the course price.

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