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Art Wine Mikulov

A family boutique winery

Art Wine Mikulov, s.r.o. is a family winery that combines wine with art. Mark Rutherford takes care of the vineyards and produces wine from our old vines. Kateřina Rutherford is a painter who leads painting courses in the Pálava in plein air.  

The story of Kateřina and Mark is behind the establishment of the Art Wine Mikulov company in 2018.

Kateřina is a painter and has been studying and teaching the use of colors for more than 20 years. She passes on this experience to her students with conscious color vision in her courses, not only in the studio, but right in the middle of the Pálava during plein air painting sessions.

The Pálava, interwoven with its vineyards, has become a great painting theme for Kateřina and her many students.

Mark, her husband, tends to their 45 year old vines from which he also makes the wines. Grape growing and winemaking have been a dream since his days of living in California. That dream has been realized in the Pálava, where one of the Rutherford vineyards sits right under Pod Sv. kopečkem. Their other vineyards are in Hlohovec and Valtice. The actual winemaking happens in Lednice.

This beautiful connection between art and wine takes place in painting courses in the Pálava, surrounded by vineyards. During the daily plein air classes students taste the wonderful wines and paint alongside the actual vines from which the family wines originated.

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katerina rutherford