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Compositions /recent art works from  October 2021 - February 2022/

The compositions are of a smaller format painted with oil on hardboard. Have you ever thought about how a rectangle or square affects our lives, just imagine houses, doors, windows, pc screen, exercise book, notebook, piece of paper, textbooks, how houses are organized in the street, city streets, etc. Geometry is all around us.......

As a painter, I also have a rectangular or square surface in front of me, and I try to deal with these geometric proportions in the painting. I try to get color space into the image, I play with the mutual interaction of colors and their proportions with each other with emphasis on the whole image area. Theme, I'm looking for inspiration around ..... just look at the incident light on the houses, the reflection in the windows, go up the hill and have a view from above.

Paintings 2020-2021

"Colour has a value of its own, colour is weight, colour is quality, colour possesses an inherent limitation, of itself, through itself, through other colours, colour creates space, colour is form and space."

Mnoho lidí se mě ptá, proč jsme se odstěhovali z Kalifornie. Dokument Babylon, který u nás v Mikulově natočil v říjnu 2018 Mira Čapek může být vysvětlením. Je také krásnou výpovědí propojení umění a vína ( Art / Wine/ Mikulov ).


"Still-life of Colours"

This short experimental film introduces the audience to a painter, Katerina Rutherford, and her artistic approach to working with colours. Directed by Broncacco Cozzo, provides insight to the artist's philosophy through rapid interviews and via a timelapse of an actual oil painting coming to life via a flurry colorful brushstrokes.

Interview with Radoslav Kutra " Očima malíře"

Interview with painter, theorist and pedagogue Radoslav Kutra

Radoslav Kutra (* 1925 Holice near Olomouc) plays an important role in my painting life. I first met Radoslav Kutra in 1993 in Brno as his student in the painting studio at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Technical University. R. Kutra led with us the so-called orientations in the history of art, which often turned into long and stormy discussions. I will not forget his corrections, which led to work with the seen color and gave me, as a painter, solid ground under my feet. It was a great pleasure for me to record this interview with him in his cozy studio in Lucerne, Switzerland, where in 1973 he founded his own art school, theKunstseminar.

Radoslav Kutra is also funder of School of Seeing.

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