katerina rutherford

Plein air

"I believe the practice of En Plein Air to be one of the most important activities in sharpening my skills of observation. Working directly from nature allows me to pick up visual cues and gain a better understanding of a subject."

Roughly 10 years ago she started to focus on plein air painting. Over the last five years Katerina has challenged her abilities by painting in the city (Karlovy Vary & Prague in the Czech Rep.; San Francisco & Angels Camp). She says about painting cities, "Everything-- except the architecture -- is in motion. Cars, trucks, the cable cars, and people. All this action forces the artist to develop a sort of stop-motion ability with an emphasis on one's peripheral vision to catch over one week the one scene that is depicted on the canvas. I paint two or three canvases over an entire week, also capturing into my brain through my eyes all the pure colors".

2012  in Karlovy Vary with my daughter Jasmine
2012 in Karlovy Vary with my daughter Jasmine

Současná práce z plenéru ve švýcarském  Lucernu 15. -18. 4. 2019

 Lucernské jezero - pohled od hudebního pavilonu
Fascinovala mě mlha, vzduch a kompozice, vycházející ze tří stromů na břehu v pozadí.

katerina rutherford